Hypnosis coaching is life changing. You can be amazed at the effect that my unique hypno-coaching programme can have on your life.  The programme is a rich and effective blend of modern coaching techniques, hypnosis, EMDR and NLP.


EMDR Therapy

There is no single approach in psychotherapy treatment that is guaranteed to be successful. However, with the emdr treatment procedures, the speed with which results can be obtained, the breadth of disorders which respond to treatment and the depth of healing that is achieved, all combine together to challenge customary assumptions about what is achievable in the treatment of psychological and emotional disorders.


Gut Directed Hypnotherapy for IBS

Years of clinical research and active clinical application show that 80 – 90% of clients obtained relief by using gut directed hypnosis. Most of these results showed improvements over and above conventional IBS methods of treatment. As with all treatment methods, hypnosis is not a panacea, and people and their conditions vary.


Dealing with traumas – old and new

Traumic events may include violent robbery, rape, beatings, being caught up in a war zone, being a witness to murder or other serious violence. However, bereavement, abandonment, rejection, neglect, being ignored by significant others, verbal abuse, a broken relationship and the loss of love may also result in trauma for many people.


Stop Smoking; no buts – EasyStop Method

Many smokers who want to be free from nicotine addiction are usually highly motivated and genuinely want to stop. While media scare-tactics have an obvious initial impact, they may do little to help smokers to stop smoking the long term and they continue to look for a method that will help them convert their desire and motivation into action.


While patches and other medical approaches assist in stopping smoking, patients are still addicted to nicotine. They may continue in this addiction for many years. And there’s ‘patch-addiction. A man recently contacted a colleague asking if she could ‘provide a treatment to get him off his addiction to nicotine patches.’

Take the Readiness to Stop Smoking Test now!


The HeartFocus programme

We are constantly bombarded with news and information about financial collapse, floods, hunger, religious and ethnic conflict, terrorism, political unrest, revolution and the overthrow of governments. Modern technology brings such news into our homes day and night, blow by blow, with images of death and destruction as it occurs in the moment.


The body’s natural response to receiving all this information is the activation of our autonomic nervous system which produces stress hormones that take many hours to normalise. We tend therefore to live in a constant state of stress. The HeartFocus Programme will demonstrate how this happens and will teach you how to reduce stress by using this powerful technique for a few minutes each day … yes … just a few minutes each day!