Many of us arrive at a point in our lives when we know something needs to change.  Perhaps it is a longstanding damaging relationship, or we are inhibited by a crippling phobia or feelings of anxiety that seem to hang around in the back of our minds.  Some are blighted by persistent low feelings and have developed issues with food, smoking or alcohol as a means of coping.

Perhaps you want to make a positive change at work and can’t figure out what is holding you back.  This ‘stuckness’ prevents you furthering your career and making those longed-for changes in your work-life balance.

I agree that talking about creating new goals is sometimes easier said than done.  However, with professional support, hypnotherapy and developing new ways of thinking about yourself, it is possible to make rapid progress and bring about life-altering changes in a very short space of time.

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    From a background in psychotherapy, couples counselling, hypnotherapy, lecturing, group facilitation and people management, I have developed a wide range of skills in the field of personal change and self-mastery. These, together with my experience of working in another culture and a second language, uniquely fit me to understand and work with a wide range of clients.

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The day came when I had to go to hospital and I used Graham’s techniques.  When I came around I was crying because I was so pleased that I had gone through with the treatment.

Male Teenager With Dental Phobia
Male Teenager With Dental Phobia SE Surrey, UK

I (now) enjoy being back at work … so again Graham, can we thank you enough? No! but know that the seeds you have so delicately planted are forever growing. Thank you with all my heart.

M. D.
M. D. Bracknell, UK