Are you an IBS sufferer?

Are you an IBS sufferer?

Hypnotherapy is a well-established treatment for IBS and there are many scientific studies which show that it can improve IBS symptoms. Gut-directed hypnotherapy is a special form of hypnotherapy developed for IBS and digestive disorder sufferers. It uses the therapeutic qualities of hypnotherapy, such as deep relaxation, and adds gut-specific treatments and suggestions.

What happens during hypnotherapy?

I will take some background details about your IBS experiences and symptoms then guide you into a state of deep relaxation and on into hypnosis.

Typically, we use the art of time distortion in which you are transported back to a time when your digestive system functioned normally. The intention is to reintroduce you to your earlier digestive and physical normality and store it deep within your mind as a template for the future.

There is an NLP strategy where we ‘start with the end in mind’ and transport the client forward in time to when they have achieved their outcome of a physical state of normality. This is known as ‘future pacing’: exploring what it is like to live a normal existence. The above ‘recovered state of normalcy’ is brought back and seeded into the unconscious mind as a guide into the future.

Carefully selected mental images of either unblocking a stream (addressing constipation) or stemming the flow by damming the river (addressing diarrhoea type symptoms) are also used to help unlock the mind.

The relief of physical discomfort is assisted by the use of the hypnotic technique of glove anaesthesia. For example, you may be asked to imagine that when you hold your hand over your stomach a healing warmth is flowing into your abdomen.

You will be able to continue using this method of relief in self-hypnosis which you will be taught during your sessions with me.

Patients remain in complete control of their actions at all times. A therapist may record each session onto a recording device for your future, enabling you to maintain your therapy between sessions when you feel you need it.

Gut directed hypnosis was pioneered by Dr. Peter Whorwell, Professor of Medicine and Gastroenterology in the University’s Medical School and Director of the South Manchester Functional Bowel Service.

Dr. Whorwell has been researching the use of gut-directed hypnosis for over 20 years and reports, “IBS is ideal for treatment with hypnosis, as there is no structural damage to the body. During the hypnotherapy, sufferers learn how to influence and gain control of their gut function, and then seem to be able to change the way the brain modulates their gut activity.”

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